Our Core Team...

CEO and Chief Consultant,“ Absolute Communications Group

Victor's entrepreneurial spirit and passion for PR have been the driving force behind Absolute Communications' success. His innovative strategies in helping organizations communicate their story to the world has resulted in increased visibility, brand awareness and growth opportunities for them. Victor's journey to the top has been an exciting one. He started out as a talented PR and Communications professional with 20 years of industry experience and his ambition was stronger than ever. In 2011, Victor founded Absolute Communications in United Arab Emirates and since then, the organization has flourished under his leadership to become one of the most respected entities in the region for B2B PR. Not content with success at home, Victor further expanded the firm by opening up offices in India, and more locations are planned. His commitment to excellence is evident through his hard work and dedication towards the growth of Absolute Communications, making it a successful venture that continues to drive new opportunities for businesses across industries. Thanks to Victor’s relentless effort, Absolute Communications is now a globally recognized PR firm that offers comprehensive communications solutions in multiple industries. Ranging from IT, Banking & Finance, Government & Public Sector, Healthcare & Lifestyle and Events sectors, Absolute Communications has developed cutting-edge PR strategies that have helped organizations reach new heights of success. On the academic front too, Victor holds a Degree in Business, a Master’s Diploma in Information Technology and a Masters Diploma in News Writing and Journalism (London). His strong credentials speak volumes about his commitment to the industry. Victor's impressive portfolio of work has led to him being a sought-after consultant and speaker, courtesy of his never-give-up mindset and unique growth-focused strategies. He is also an active member of organizations like the Middle East Public Relations Association (MEPRA) and Business Marketing Associations (BMA), serving as a board member of both organizations. His knowledge is highly respected by his peers, and he is often approached for his expertise in communications and public relations initiatives. Victor's passion for PR has been evident throughout his career, and it has led him to explore the different facets of the industry. As part of his mission to create impactful campaigns, he worked with stakeholders in the Middle East to craft creative strategies for Facebook's launch into the region. He also provided strategic guidance and direction for RSM Dahman's CSR programs such as Colors of Salam, which aimed to strengthen communities through uplifting initiatives. Victor brings a wealth of experience from previous roles in publishing, particularly his time at Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry where he spearheaded the launch of their flagship publication, Commerce Magazine. His diverse background allows him to approach PR challenges with fresh perspectives and innovative solutions that can help brands reach their goals faster. With Victor leading the way, we are sure to see more creative and impactful campaigns in the future. He stands by his firm belief that communication should be used as a tool for positive change, and looks forward to helping organizations reach their goals through strategic PR initiatives.